A little bit of computer BBS history

I just found one heck of a cool site. It’s called TextFiles.Com. Basically this guy has compiled text files from the old BBS days. Of course this was all before my time. Still, I like to think I’m an old school geek and I find these times facinating and wish I had been around to partake in it all.

BBS stands for Bulletin Board System. Back in the days before the Internet and Web people would connect to these systems and hang out. Leaving messages, chatting, etc. Think of it as sort of what message boards are today. Only you had to directly dial your computer to the BBS system to log in and there was no AIM, pictures, mp3s, etc.

The collection of files this guy has is downright impressive! Much of what took place on these boards is stored there so it’s worth taking a look at for historical reasons alone.

Jump on over to TextFiles.Com and browse for a while. What better do you have to do on a lazy Sunday?

Alan P. Barber
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