DinnerLab Review - Columbus - February 13th, 2016

About DinnerLab

DinnerLab is a company that runs what are known as pop up restaurants. You buy tickets for a unique and one of a kind event that will only exist for one night. They setup a dinner in a random place in your town and get a great chef to cook up an amazing meal.


As with every DinnerLab the location is unique and mystery until the day before.

This dinner was held at Glass Axis, a glass art studio in the Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus.


Our chef for the dinner was David Ina. David is from Cleveland, Ohio and currently owner and chef at Al’s Deli.


The theme of the dinner was “Paris of The Middle East. With Love, From Modern Lebanon.”

When deciding to do a Valentine’s menu, one must be bold and creative. Beruit became the Paris of the middle East because of it’s romantic ways after WWII. Inspired by the poetry of it all, Chef David Ina, owner of Al’s Deli combines his Lebanese upbringing and desire to bring a time tested cuisine to the modern age, making an already romantic night that much more spectacular.

First Course


roasted garlic hummus | olive oil & pita | pickled vegetables

Second Course

Striped Bass

roasted cauliflower | eggplant relish | roasted fennel vinaigrette

Third Course

Shish Tawook

grilled chicken | confit potatoes | cabbage slaw | garlic purée

Fourth Course

Hanger Steak Shawarma

pickled turnips & tahini | Lebanese rice | tabouli salad | chickpea salad

Fifth Course

Pistachio Baklava

phyllo dough | pistachio ice cream | rose syrup

Final Thoughts

I would have to say to date this was one of my favorite meals. Great flavors and selections of ingredients that inspired the palate and stimulated fun conversations with fellow diners.

Alan P. Barber
Software Developer, Computer Scientist, Scrum Master, & Crohn’s Disease Fighter

I specialize in Software Development with a focus on Architecture and Design.

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