DinnerLab Review - Columbus - November 13th

About DinnerLab

DinnerLab is the coolest pop up restaurant that you need to check out. They find great chefs and invite them to create unique and inspiring 5 course tasting meals. The events are hosted in a different location each time so you will get the chance to visit new locations around your town.


Every event is held in a location that is different and new. You are told the day before the event where to go.

As part of the french theme the event was held at the bike shop Roll: on Lane Avenue. This was selected as a reminder of the famous french bike race Le Tour de France.


Chef Dain Raner from Seattle, WA was the creator of the dinner for the night.


The theme for the dinner was “The French Connection: Barely Legal Cuisine”. It was inspired by the movie the French Connection and composed of smuggled culinary secrets, tied together with pro techniques.

First Course

Radis au Beurre

garden radishes | European butter | sel gris

Where to start, delicious fresh radishes dipped in butter and salt. It sounds silly but tastes yummy!

Second Course

Tartare De Saumon

smoked salmon tartare | fines herbs & frisee | sauce gribiche | crouton

A wonderful smoked salmon tartare and toasted slice of break with a light herb salad. The flavors were well balanced between fresh and rich.

Third Course

Crepe au Poulet

braised chicken crepe | forest mushrooms & baby vegetables | chicken jus

A tasty crepe filled with shredded chicken in a salty jus.

Fourth Course

Truite Meuniere

Idaho trout | browned butter | marble potatoes | lemon & parsley

This was just divine. The trout was well cooked in a brown butter sauce and the potatoes were soft and fluffy.

Fifth Course

Marquise Au Chocolat

dark chocolate terrine | grand marnier | feuilletine | burnt orange

This was rich and delicious desert. The chocolate was well paired with the grand marnier.

Final Thoughts

This event was french themed and as fate would have it was the same night as the Paris terrorist attacks. I really enjoyed the food and conversations and everyone’s heart went out that night to be in solidarity with the French people.

For more information and to sign up check out DinnerLab.com!

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