Immortalized for the ages

Hey it’s a geek thing ok. Non-geek types might as well leave right now!

I run the FreeBSD 4.9 operating system within VMWare on my windows XP system. Basically VMWare is an emulator that lets you run other operating systems inside windows at the same time. It’s pretty neat software. Anyways, time drift is a major problem with VMWare so they include tools to synchronize the clocks. Of course manually installing this software is a bit of a pain to do. Luckily, there’s a nice guy that maintains a simple installer in the FreeBSD ports system to do it for you. You can find it in “/usr/ports/emulators/vmware-guestd4".

Long story short, VMWare released an updated version of their program so I had to update the time tools too. Well when I used the ports system to update the tools I noticed some strange problems. I contacted the creator of the installer to notify him of the problem. I just happen to check to see if the port has been updated today at and I found it had. However, a nice little note of my noticing the problem was made as well. Check out the March 20th, 2004 entry.

So now my name has been placed into the footnotes of BSD port history. I know, I know! It’s silly but like I said it’s a geek thing to be excited by this.

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