Let's try this blogging thing again

Let’s try this blogging thing again, shall we?

I used to be pretty good about blogging but over the years I let it slip away. I setup a new blog platform a couple years ago but i never actually posted anything.

I guess we will see how this round goes.

Hopefully, I can get into a better habbit this time around and actually stick to it. I know I have plenty of topics I can share with everyone.

For those that are interested in how I build this blog, here is what I used:

Content Management System

I am using Jekyll to generate the site.

Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator. It takes a template directory containing raw text files in various formats, runs it through a converter (like Markdown) and our Liquid renderer, and spits out a complete, ready-to-publish static website suitable for serving with your favorite web server.


I use github.com/tuananh/ArchiveGenerator which lets you generate year and month archives.

I use github.com/recurser/jekyll-plugins to generate category pages.

Theme / Template

I based the theme off of one called Jekyll-Now by Barry Clark.


The site logo icon was created at Icon-Generator.net.

The social icons were from github.com/neilorangepeel/Free-Social-Icons.

The other images were found at IconsDB.com.

I used Character-Code.com for some of the arrows and other misc navigation bits.


I am using Disqus which is a free embeded comment service.

You were probabbly asking yourself how I could provide comments on a static html page. Well Disqus is the way. Their free service allows you to place a few lines of simple javascript code into your site and it will load up the comment feature automatically.


There were many other sites that I used as inspiration and as help for doing the layout and design. Sorry that I don’t remember all of them.

Alan P. Barber
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I specialize in Software Development with a focus on Architecture and Design.

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