Video Monday | Donald Knuth's 21st Annual Christmas Lecture

Donald Knuth is an American computer scientist, mathematician, and professor emeritus at Stanford University. He is best known for being the author of The Art of Computer Programming series of books.

DinnerLab Review - Columbus - December 2nd

About DinnerLab DinnerLab is a company that runs what are known as pop up restaurants. You buy tickets for a unique and one of a kind event that will only exist for one night.

DinnerLab Review - Columbus - November 13th

About DinnerLab DinnerLab is the coolest pop up restaurant that you need to check out. They find great chefs and invite them to create unique and inspiring 5 course tasting meals.

Jekyll Blog Helper (JBH) Status Update

Work is still moving forward on Release 1.3.0 of JBH. There are currently 3 issues that I will need to complete in order to get the release out the door.

DinnerLab Review - Columbus - October 28th

About DinnerLab Have you heard about DinnerLab yet? If not you need to check it out. DinnerLab is a supper club that recruits exciting up and coming chefs to create special themed meals for members.

DevSpace Technical Conference 2015

It’s been a long few days but I am back from Huntsville, Alabama after attending the inaugural two day event that is DevSpace Technical Conference. For those of you that don’t know, DevSpace is north Alabama’s premier polyglot technology conference.

DinnerLab Review - Columbus - October 2nd

About DinnerLab What is DinnerLab? It’s the thing you need to check out now! DinnerLab is a pop up restaurant that will be hosted in a different and unique location every time.

Video Monday | JavaScript: The Good Parts

Today’s video is titled “JavaScript: The Good Parts” by Douglas Crockford Douglas Crockford is a software developer that is well known in the JavaScript community. He popularized the JSON data format and develops JSLint and JSMin tools.

Video Monday | How NOT to Store Passwords

How NOT to Store Passwords! - Computerphile In light of several recent rather well known website hacks I thought it might be worth sharing this video about how how to NOT store passwords in your systems.

DinnerLab Review - Columbus - September 11th

About DinnerLab DinnerLab is one of the coolest supper clubs you can ever be a part of. You buy tickets to attend a singular and original event in which a great chef will cook you a 5 course tasting menu in a fun one of a kind location.