Columbus GiveCamp 2011Columbus GiveCamp 2011

This weekend I participated in the 2011 Columbus Give Camp. Give Camps are weekend long events where developers and designers donate their time to help out worth charities. A good majority of the time projects are to create or update charity websites but it is by no means limited to that.

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CodeStock 2010CodeStock 2010


Another CodeStock has gone and passed and what an event it was! They finally moved from The Pellissippi State Community College out in the boonies of Knoxville, TN to The University of Tennessee Conference Center in downtown Knoxville. Even better the “official” hotel of the event was the Hilton right across the street. Major props to the event organizers for setting this up so well.

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C# Mutex for running single instance of a programC# Mutex for running single instance of a program

Here is some sample code that can be used in a c# application to make sure that only one instance of the program can run at a time. In order to do this you will use a Mutex (Mutual Exclusion) which is a type of system wide lock. In laymens terms a Mutex is like a claim to ownership of a idea. You're telling the world that no one else can have that idea as long as you are holding claim to it. As so as you don't need it you can let go of the ownership and then someone else can claim ownership.

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Pragmatic Thinking and LearningPragmatic Thinking and Learning

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning by Andy Hunt

This is another book from Andy Hunt and the Pragmatic series. I can't emphasize enough how great these books are.

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