5 Vegas Shorty Review5 Vegas Shorty Review

The 5 Vegas Shorty was actually the first cigar I have ever smoked. I was at a friends place hanging out. We were out in his backyard to drink some beers, play cornhole and just enjoy ourselves. My friend brought out his humidor and offered everyone a smoke. Being new to cigars I didn't want a big cigar incase I didn't like it so I picked out one of these little ones that turned out to be the 5 Vegas Shorty.

Ok enough of my boring stories, lets get to the review!

The 5 Vegas Shorty's are designed as a small, quick smoke. Depending on your smoking style you're looking at getting 20 to 30 minutes of "smoke time". They come in tins of 8 and are 4.25"x40 Torpedoes. At first look you might be discouraged, I mean I know your feelings guys, the size of the cigar matters right? Well don't let the size get to you.

First look you notice the clean looking Cameroon wrapper. It's appearance looks to be hand wrapped and there are slight inconsistencies. Not to say that that's a bad thing, to the contrary my personal preference is that the cigar looks natural and not perfect as if machine made.

The filler is about a medium pack I would say. The cigar has a small amount of spongyness to it.

Lighting it you'll find the draw to be very easy and no problem. That first hit you'll get a preview of the good combo of flavors to come. You'll taste a strong tobacco with light flirty hints of leather and coffee.

Just sit back because you'll be enjoying the next 20 or so minutes folks!

The more time passes the leather and coffee slowing strengthens and you get some building in a peppery flavor. The flavors stay solid and I didn't find myself being bothered by any bitterness or strong hits of flavor out of the blue. It stayed smooth and tasteful the entire time. Ash burn was good and didn't flake. The burn was pretty straight but as it got down to the last quarter it was getting a little erratic but stayed in control.

The cigar is a medium body that builds in strength but never gets out of hand. Looking at my own cigar history I found this to honestly be a good starter cigar to share with friends and family as it was for me. It gives you a good idea of what to expect in cigars with the core flavors: tobacco, leather, coffee, chocolate and spice. It won't bore you with blandness and just as important it won't knock you out with too much strength.

On a scale of 5 I would give the 5 Vegas Short a solid 4.

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CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon ReviewCAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon Review

Hello and welcome to my first cigar review! I'll be starting with the CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon. I picked one up on my last trip up to the local cigar store, The Cigar Affair. It was a Corona, 5.5" x 42.

Upon initial inspection the cigar had a solid feel but there were a few soft spots toward the middle. I noticed the wrapper to have a smooth feel but the visual appearance showed a lot of veins. I found the smell carry a light bit of nuttyness and a good amount of wooden scents with just a tiny hint of spice.

I cut the end and found the wrapper frayed and flaked a bit but stayed well within acceptable limits and kept itself solid. The draw was very easy and smooth.

Lighting the cigar was easy and took very little heat to get going. I could quickly catch on to a very diverse mix of flavors. I could catch tastes of the nuttyness and a little coco / coffee type. The wood and spicy tastes were very strong and pronounced.

The first bit was nice but I soon found myself getting a little irritation in the back of my throat. They best way I can describe it is to use a little history. I grew up in a woods and every fall we had to rack and pile up leaves and burn them. I was quickly reminded of the scents, tastes and throat irritation I would get being around these bonfires.

About half way I noticed the burn was not going very well. There seemed to be an issue with the filler being tightly packed in the center and becoming loose out to the wrapper. It was causing the wrapper to burn much faster than the inside. This lasted just right though the middle area of the cigar and cleared back up for the last third of the smoke.

On a scale of 1 to 5 I would give this cigar a 2. There were small hints of flavor but the woodyness with strong hits of spice in my limited experience was just too overpowering. With the irritation I found myself experiencing I found it hard to completely enjoy the cigar when I kept needing to clear my throat and get a drink of water.

I won't write it off and perhaps I'll pick up another to give it a second try as I continue to expand and improve my understanding and knowledge of cigars.

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Could not create a Disk Cache Sub-directory for the Application PoolCould not create a Disk Cache Sub-directory for the Application Pool

Error: The Template Persistent Cache initialization failed for Application Pool ‘DefaultAppPool’ because of the following error: Could not create a Disk Cache Sub-directory for the Application Pool. The data may have additional error codes..

If you happen to see this error pop up on your Windows Server 2003 system here’s how to fix it.

Basically, the problem is there are two user groups (IIS_WPG and NETWORK SERVICE) that don’t have permissions set on the following three folders:
%systemroot%\System32\Inetsrv\ASP Compiled Templates
%systemroot%\IIS Temporary Compressed Files

%systemroot% is usually C:\windows or C:\winnt by the way!

For “%systemroot%\Help\IISHelp\Common ” give both groups; Read and Execute, List Folder Contents, and Read permissions.

For “%systemroot%\System32\Inetsrv\ASP Compiled Templates” and “%systemroot%\IIS Temporary Compressed Files” give both groups full control.

then after that you’ll have to restart IIS.

  1. Click Start, click Run, type Services.msc, and then click OK.
  2. Right-click IIS Admin, and then click Restart.

That should fix that silly problem!

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Fixing SQLAgent is not allowed to run errorFixing SQLAgent is not allowed to run error

This is for anyone running Sharepoint on Microsoft Windows Server with MS-SQL and you are getting an error along the lines of SQLAgent is not allowed to run

All you have to do is make a small registry change. Navigate to:


Look for the key GUID and delete it.

the SQLAgent service should now start up without problems.

I had a heck of a time figuring out this problem but after some searching this seemed to do the trick.


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