A little bit of computer BBS historyA little bit of computer BBS history

I just found one heck of a cool site. It's called TextFiles.Com. Basically this guy has compiled text files from the old BBS days. Of course this was all before my time. Still, I like to think I'm an old school geek and I find these times facinating and wish I had been around to partake in it all.

BBS stands for Bulletin Board System. Back in the days before the Internet and Web people would connect to these systems and hang out. Leaving messages, chatting, etc. Think of it as sort of what message boards are today. Only you had to directly dial your computer to the BBS system to log in and there was no AIM, pictures, mp3s, etc.

The collection of files this guy has is downright impressive! Much of what took place on these boards is stored there so it's worth taking a look at for historical reasons alone.

Jump on over to TextFiles.Com and browse for a while. What better do you have to do on a lazy Sunday?

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Hippocratic Oath For Software EngineersHippocratic Oath For Software Engineers

Never write a line of code that someone else can understand.

Make the simplest line of code appear complex. Use long counter intuitive names. Don't ever code “a=b”, rather do something like: AlphaNodeSemaphore=*(int)(&(unsigned long)(BetaFrameNodeFarm));

Type fast, think slow.

Never use direct references to anything ever. Bury everything in macros. Bury the macros in include files. Reference those include files indirectly from other include files. Use macros to reference those include files.

Never include a comment that will help someone else understand your code. If they understand it, they don't need you.

Never generate new sources. Always ifdef the old ones. Every binary in the world should be generated from the same sources.

Never archive all the sources necessary to build a binary. Always hide on your own disk. If they can build your binary, they don't need you.

Never code a function to return a value. All functions must return a pointer to a structure which contains a pointer to a value.

Never discuss things in concrete terms. Always speak in abstract. If they can understand you, they don't need you.

Never complete a project on time. If you do, they will think it was easy and anyone can do it and they don't need you.

When someone stops by your office to ask a question, talk forever but don't answer the question. If they get their questions answered they don't need you.

Load all sentences either written or spoken with alphabet soup. When someone asks you out to lunch, reply:

“I can't because I've almost got my RISC-based OSI/TCP/IP client connected by BIBUS VMS VAX using SMTP over TCP sending SNMP inquiry results to be encapsulated in UDP packets for transmission to a SUN 4/280 NFS 4.3 BSD with release 3.6 of RPC/XDR supporting our ONC effort working.”

Never clean your office. Absolutely never throw away an old listing.

Never say hello to someone in hallway. Absolutely never address someone by name. If you must address someone by name, mumble or use the wrong name. Always maintain the mystique of being spaced out from concentrating on complex logic.

Never wear a shirt that matches your pants. Wear a wrinkled shirt whenever possible. Your shirt must never be tucked in completely. Button the top button without wearing a tie. This will maximize your mystique.

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Immortalized for the agesImmortalized for the ages

Hey it's a geek thing ok. Non-geek types might as well leave right now!

I run the FreeBSD 4.9 operating system within VMWare on my windows XP system. Basically VMWare is an emulator that lets you run other operating systems inside windows at the same time. It's pretty neat software. Anyways, time drift is a major problem with VMWare so they include tools to synchronize the clocks. Of course manually installing this software is a bit of a pain to do. Luckily, there's a nice guy that maintains a simple installer in the FreeBSD ports system to do it for you. You can find it in "/usr/ports/emulators/vmware-guestd4".

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I Saw The 'West Wing' Being Filmed!I Saw The 'West Wing' Being Filmed!

I had toured most of the monuments and memorials in Washington D.C. at last years CPAC. However, this year I went out with some people that had never been to D.C. So, instead of just hitting the few things that I originally planned to visit we ended up doing a full "Tour D.C. in 6 hours."

Anyways, we were over at the FDR memorial (it's between Lincoln and Jefferson memorials) and noticed a setup on the banks of the tidal basin. Cameras, lights, microphones, the whole shebang.

I didn't see who was being filmed at first but one of the guys turned around and I recognized that it was John Spencer who plays Leo McGarry, the White House Chief of Staff on the tv show West Wing. I'm not sure who the other guy was but I know he wasn't one of the main characters.

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