DinnerLab Review - Columbus - September 11thDinnerLab Review - Columbus - September 11th

About DinnerLab


DinnerLab is one of the coolest supper clubs you can ever be a part of. You buy tickets to attend a singular and original event in which a great chef will cook you a 5 course tasting menu in a fun one of a kind location. Every dinner is one of a kind and so much fun.


Each event is setup in a new location in town and they don't tell you until the night before.

For this event they hosted in The Open Door Art Studio. It's located in Grandview, Ohio and is dedicated to providing art education and services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

It was a wonderful location and one of the most inspiring dinners yet held.


The chef tasked for the dinner was Chef Jonathan Olson who is currently working at The Black Creek Bistro here in Columbus, Ohio.

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Video Monday | Ideas about a new programming language for gamesVideo Monday | Ideas about a new programming language for games


This video is by Jonathan Blow entitled "Ideas about a new programming language for games."

Jonathan is an independent game developer known for the critically acclaimed game Braid and currently working on a new game titled The Witness.

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I'll be presenting at DevSpace Technical Conference 2015I'll be presenting at DevSpace Technical Conference 2015

I'm honored to announce that I have been selected to speak at the first DevSpace Technical Conference being held this October 9th and 10th, 2015 in Huntsville, Alabama.

I've never been to Huntsville but I'm looking very forward to the opportunity to visit. Huntsville is home to NASA's Marshal Space Flight Center and The United States Army Aviation and Missile Command.

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A Short Story of Dating, a Wedding and a HoneymoonA Short Story of Dating, a Wedding and a Honeymoon

Well in case you were wondering where I've been that last couple weeks. I was a bit busy in real life getting married and going on my Honeymoon!

I figured today would be a great day to tell you all a short story of dating, a wedding and a honeymoon.

I'm what you would call a classic nerd and I lack that much needed dating skill called game. Luckily for me there are online dating services to help me break the ice and thanks to EHarmony in early 2012 I started seeing this wonderful woman named Erin.


Thing progressed well and we went on a Caribbean cruise together the summer of 2014.


It took me a bit of time to admit it but I very much loved this woman and how much enjoyment she brought to my life. I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and so a few months later in the fall of 2014 I proposed to her!

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