Video Monday | AT&T Archives: The UNIX Operating SystemVideo Monday | AT&T Archives: The UNIX Operating System


It's time for another Video Monday. Today's video is a bit of a throwback to an earlier time. It's a video called "The UNIX Operating System" from the AT&T Archives.

In the late 1960s two men, Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson, who where computer scientists working at Bell Laboratories created a new computer operating system that would be called UNIX. While the original OS isn't in much use today the ideas about how the OS were created has inspired many different OSes that are considered the core of the computing world today. Mainframes, web servers, even your Android cell phone are running software that was inspired by the ideas these men came up with.

Although a bit dry, this video is a great example of something any would be techie should be watching to learn the history of computers and to learn more about the true giants that created the world we know today.

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DinnerLab Review - Columbus - July 22ndDinnerLab Review - Columbus - July 22nd

This is my first review of DinnerLab but it is not the first DinnerLab event that I have attended. As of this post I have attended 4 of the 5 events that have been hosted here in Columbus, including the inaugural event. I’m not bragging just being a bit hipster!

About DinnerLab


First up for those of you that do not know about DinnerLab let me give you a brief introduction to what is probably the coolest thing for foodies.

DinnerLab is an organization that runs what many might have called in the past a private supper club. For a small membership fee you join DinnerLab which gives you access to a website in which you can then have the option of buying tickets for limited seating unique and original dinning events. They find exciting chefs to create unique menus and then setup an event in different locations around your city to host a one or two night tasting event for members. Every dinner is a different chef, with a unique menu and an original event location.

Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a fluff description. Simply put, go join DinnerLab and then you can attend cool dinner parties at neat locations.


Every DinnerLab is hosted at a different location. Part of the fun of DinnerLab is that they don't tell you where it will be until the day before the event. You never know where it will be, maybe an old factory or a hip downtown venue. You just have to wait and be surprised.

This event was hosted at an event venue called Vue in the the area known as The Brewery District. It's a very nice modern urban feeling venue. If you get the chance to visit you should check it out.

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Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates usDrive: The surprising truth about what motivates us


The above video is a short excerpt from a talk given by Dan Pink about his book Drive.

It a thought provoking video. What does motivate people?

It's always been assumed that money is the primary motivator of people. Studies have been done that show that this isn't always the case.

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This Website is Secure and WWW FreeThis Website is Secure and WWW Free

Good afternoon everyone, I wanted to bring up two technical issues about website hosting that I think are important.

Yes I know blogging about blogging is a bit lame but I believe in these issues and wanted to share it with everyone.

SSL Cert and No WWW

Privacy And Security

In this day and age privacy and security are more important than ever! Both private companies and government agencies are routinely tracking your Internet activity.

It's time to take your privacy and security back! All Internet traffic needs to be encrypted! As such this website is running in HTTPS mode. If you look in the address bar you will see that there is a padlock icon indicating that you are using HTTPS to connect to this site.

HTTPS is a secure and encrypted version of HTTP. The main problem until recently is that HTTPS is expensive. Expensive in monetary cost and in computer resources.

To setup HTTPS you needed to buy what is called a SSL Certificate. A SSL Certificate is a basically an authenticated encryption key and there are only a couple of companies, called Certificate Authorities, that are in control of them. They like to charge a lot of money and make you jump through a lot of annoying hoops to get that key. Depending on the company and the type of cert it can cost anywhere from roughly $100 to over $2500 per year!

Thankfully, there are currently two companies working to provide truly free SSL Certs.

The first is StartSSL and the one I am currently using. Their process is still a bit complicated to go though but they truly free basic SSL Certs with 1 year expiration.

Another one that I am looking forward to is Let's Encrypt. They are a brand new certificate authority that is being founds in collaboration by Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai and The Electronic Freedom Foundation. Let's Encrypt once live is going to transform the Internet. They are building a completely automated system for creating basic SSL Certs that will allow every site to easily obtain and setup HTTPS in seconds.

The other issue was that encryption took extra computer power and until the last few years it did require having a much larger server to handle the overhead. Thanks to the ever increasing growth of computers this is no longer a valid reason to dismiss HTTPS.

Sure I know some are thinking that this is just a silly personal blog, there's nothing on here that would require the need of a secure private connection. Technically yes that's true but think about this.

If you only use encryption for important stuff then by doing so you are actually flagging to governments and other less than friendly groups the very data they want to get a hold of. If however everything was encrypted then they can't tell what data is secret banking information and harmless pictures of cats! It sure makes their jobs a lot more difficult if they end up wasting time tracking your cat viewing activity!

For those running Firefox, Chrome or Opera browsers the EFF has an extension, HTTPS Everywhere, that you can install that will make your browser attempt to connect to all sites using HTTPS. Don't worry it won't break anything if a site doesn't support HTTPS.

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