Introducing - Jekyll Blog Helper (JBH)Introducing - Jekyll Blog Helper (JBH)

One of the things you quickly realize with a static website generator like Jekyll is that there is often no good tools to actually manage your content.

Making a new blog post with Jekyll can be boiled down to 4 steps:

  1. Create a new post file
  2. Edit the post content
  3. (Re)Build the site
  4. Publish the site to a remote server

I looked around and didn't see any obvious tools for managing my actual blog posts so I decided to whip up a small shell script to simplify some of these common activities you do when blogging.

Here is how JBH can help you manage your blog.

Step 0: Get JBH From GitHub

You can download the latest version of the script from

Just download and copy the file into the base folder of your Jekyll blog website. Open the file in your favorite text editor and you will find several configuration settings at the top where you can setup your remote server for the --publish command to function.

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Martin Fowler @ OOP2014 'Workflows of Refactoring'Martin Fowler @ OOP2014 'Workflows of Refactoring'


Here is a very good video about code refactoring by Martin Fowler @ OOP2014

Refactoring is a difficult activity and something that not enough companies dedicate time and resources to performing.

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Growing a Language by Guy SteeleGrowing a Language by Guy Steele


This is an amazing funny video about programming languages.

This was a keynote by Guy Steele at The ACM SIGPLAN Conference OOPSLA'98.

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Let's try this blogging thing againLet's try this blogging thing again

Let's try this blogging thing again, shall we?

I used to be pretty good about blogging but over the years I let it slip away. I setup a new blog platform a couple years ago but i never actually posted anything.

I guess we will see how this round goes.

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