Timbuk2 Custom Commute Laptop Messenger BagTimbuk2 Custom Commute Laptop Messenger Bag

I decided it was about time to get a new laptop bag. I spent several days looking at bags in stores and online. Unfortunetly, I just couldn't find one that I felt was the right bag for me.

After some more research I learned about Timbuk2. Timbuk2 is a San Francisco based messenger bag company founded in 1989. They are known for making very high quality bags in the USA.

Timbuk2 Custom Commute Laptop Messenger Bag

So here it is, my new bag! It's a customized version of their Commute Laptop TSA Friendly Messenger Bag.

It includes green side panels, black reflective center panel, and orange border.

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My Soylent Trial UpdateMy Soylent Trial Update

I decided to finally do a post about my Soylent trial for my family and friends. Sorry it's so long...

What is Soylent?


Soylent is food, pure and simple.

The primary ingredients are rice and oat flour with added plant based oils, vitamins and minerals. There are no preservatives, added flavoring or artificial chemical ingredients. If you want to think of it another way, it’s basically a porridge or gruel. Soylent is also vegan as they use no animal products. It is however not gluten free but they claim they are working on a version for the future.

Eating nothing but soylent will provide a full days calories (2000), protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins that is designed around the United States FDA Daily Recommended Values.

Is Soylent for dieting? Isn't this just like slimfast or other meal replacements or supplement shakes like ensure?

Soylent is not designed or marketed as a diet and it’s not designed or markets as a meal supplement. Diet shakes, like slimfast, are designed to fill your stomach while limiting caloric intake to help you lose weight while supplements like ensure are designed as high calorie boosters to aid those that are not getting enough in order to maintain or gain weight. In both cases these shakes are not designed to provide a balanced nutritional intake and cannot be your sole source of food. Soylent is designed to be nutritionally complete.

That being said, Soylent is a great option for those looking to diet. Since Soylent is designed to give you a fixed 2000 calories you can easily adjust the amount you consume to aid in weight loss.

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CodeStock 2012 RecapCodeStock 2012 Recap

Once again another great CodeStock conference has come and gone.

Day 0

I managed to drop the cat off at the pet boarder Pet Palace and after a relatively average drive I was in Knoxville, TN by 4pm. I meet up with a few people and we went to a local range, Coal Creek Armory, to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.

I ended the day with drinks and cigars on the hotel patio. It was truly one of those great “man” days.

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PSM I CertifiedPSM I Certified

Well I finally got around to taking my Scrum.Org PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I) assessment today and passed. I am now certified to be a Scrum Master and facilitate teams that use the scrum based agile development framework to manage projects.

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