9/11 Reactions - A Look Back

Tomorrow millions of individuals will talk about the events of 9/11 and of what happen to them. People everywhere will look back and remember the emotions and feeling that overcame them. Most everyone will remember the raging emotions that they had. From shock and sadness at first to extreme hate and anger later, on that day 2 years ago we all were affected. We will share our stories of where we were when we first heard the news and how we reacted. I am no different and so below I will share my first moments in learning of the tragedies that would unfold.

It was my 3rd year in college. I had just woke up in my dorm sometime around 9:30am and went directly to take a shower. I was still in my towel and I had started up my computer to joined the chat room like I did every day. I hadn’t even turned on the tv to watch the news yet. Below is a transcript of the first 10 minutes of that chat session:

Session Start: Tue Sep 11 09:49:08 2001
[09:49] *** Now talking in #techchat
[09:49] *** Topic is 'Tech Chat'
[09:49] *** Set by Josetann on Sun Aug 26 20:38:54
[09:49] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Dexter
[09:49] <Psilocybe_cubensis> hey dex hear the news?
[09:50] <Psilocybe_cubensis> both trade centers and the pentagon have been hit with planes, the pentagon just happend they think that was a plane
[09:50] <Psilocybe_cubensis> holy shit
[09:50] <Psilocybe_cubensis> all planes just landed
[09:50] <MaxT> FAA STOPS all air travel
[09:50] <Psilocybe_cubensis> all flights grounded
[09:51] <Dexter> holy shit!
[09:52] <Psilocybe_cubensis> yea
[09:52] <Psilocybe_cubensis> look at the news
[09:52] <Psilocybe_cubensis> you will not beleve your eyes
[09:52] <Psilocybe_cubensis> its insane
[09:52] <Psilocybe_cubensis> dont try to find news online traffic is threw the roof
[09:52] <Dexter> just turned on fox news... both damn places are burning bad!
[09:54] <Dexter> explains why i can't check my email...
[09:55] <Psilocybe_cubensis> cnn is dead and msn is close to it
[09:56] <Dexter> shit shit shit... just saw actually plane crashing into the tower... it was a big fucker!!!!!!!
[09:56] <Psilocybe_cubensis> yea
[09:56] <Psilocybe_cubensis> it was going from boston to LA
[09:56] <Psilocybe_cubensis> it had alot of fuel
[09:59] <Dexter> this is what happens when you have a pussy president that'll kiss ass to every damn enemy instead of use his power!!!!
[09:59] <Psilocybe_cubensis> HOLY SHIT
[09:59] <Sandi> blah blah
[09:59] <Psilocybe_cubensis> it fell
[09:59] <Psilocybe_cubensis> just said that was gonna happen
[09:59] <Psilocybe_cubensis> if they didnt stop the burning it was gonna happen

This is just a small part of a very long and emotional day. I have the entire days log which can be read here: techchat.20010911.log.txt.

While for most it is just a rather boring read, for me it is part of history and I wish to share it for posterity sake. I encourage everyone to save logs, recordings, etc of this day. Time is like a flowing river. Even the largest of boulders will be worn away to mere grains of sand and we are left with nothing but a slight memory that a boulder once existed. We should never forget the little details and do everything in our powers to fight the currents and save every bit for future generations to have.

Alan P. Barber
Software Developer, Computer Scientist, Scrum Master, & Crohn’s Disease Fighter

I specialize in Software Development with a focus on Architecture and Design.

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