Jekyll Blog Helper (JBH) Status Update

Work is still moving forward on Release 1.3.0 of JBH.

There are currently 3 issues that I will need to complete in order to get the release out the door.

These issues are:

1) Add ability to stage to server for future post updates

This feature appears to be functionally complete at this time. I have created a
stage command to push a built website up to a seperate staging folder on a

An include ** script has been included that can be setup on a server
to run once a day to check for a staged site update and then copy the staged
version to the published location.

2) Need ability to change dates and/or titles of existing posts

This feature is still under development. The goal is to allow for easy updating
of date and or title of a existing post. Often time you might create a post and
then realize it should be scheduled for a new date or perhaps you want to change
the title to better indicate what the post is about. This new update feature
will allow you to easily change these without having to manually edit files.

3) New post / draft post template support

This feature is still under development. 

A request was made to create a template system so that new posts could be
created that use a template file to bootstrap frontmatter, content, etc.

This will add a new --template option to the --new command in which you can
specify a template. If that template is found the contents of the template will
be copied to the new post and certain template fields will be set including;
title, date, and asset path.

if no template is given a default post that includes basic frontmatter will be

I’m hopeful to get the template feature wrapped up this week and then hopefully can get the update feature finished as well the week after that.

I know that I’ve pushed the release target date back a few times but I’m optimistic that I can get these things done before the end of the month and get a release done by the 30th.

If you have any questions or comments let me know!

For more information on Jekyll Blog Helper (JBH) visit the project site at:

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