A Microsoft Logging provider for Splunk Http Event Collector (HEC) Sender.


A NLog target for saving application logs to Hadoop (HDFS)


A log4net appender for Splunk Http Event Collector (HEC) Sender


A NLog target for Splunk Http Event Collector (HEC) Sender

Passwords Don't Work! Using Two Factor Authentication To Secure Users

The Internet is a dangerous place and user passwords aren't safe. You have done everything right but it's only a matter of time before your users' secrets are exposed. How are you supposed to protect your site and your customers' accounts? Enter Two …


.Net Code Katas - A prebuild Kata project that already includes tests and base classes.


A library that provides support for the creation of One Time Passwords.

C# Mutex for running single instance of a program

Here is some sample code that can be used in a c# application to make sure that only one instance of the program can run at a time. In order to do this you will use a Mutex (Mutual Exclusion) which is a type of system wide lock. In laymens terms a Mutex is like a claim to ownership of a idea. You’re telling the world that no one else can have that idea as long as you are holding claim to it.