5 Vegas Shorty Review

The 5 Vegas Shorty was actually the first cigar I have ever smoked. I was at a friends place hanging out. We were out in his backyard to drink some beers, play cornhole and just enjoy ourselves. My friend brought out his humidor and offered everyone a smoke. Being new to cigars I didn’t want a big cigar incase I didn’t like it so I picked out one of these little ones that turned out to be the 5 Vegas Shorty.

CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon Review

Hello and welcome to my first cigar review! I’ll be starting with the CAO L’Anniversaire Cameroon. I picked one up on my last trip up to the local cigar store, The Cigar Affair. It was a Corona, 5.5” x 42. Upon initial inspection the cigar had a solid feel but there were a few soft spots toward the middle. I noticed the wrapper to have a smooth feel but the visual appearance showed a lot of veins.