Robert Martin

Video Monday | Robert C. Martin @ OOP2015 'Agility and Architecture'

It’s time for another Video Monday! Today I have a very good Keynote by Robert C. Martin at OOP 2015. Do agile methods abandon architecture for speed? Do they replace good design decisions with mindless testing? Are agile methods just another way to hack-and-slash systems together without the appropriate discipline, due-diligence, and documentation? In this Keynote Robert C. Martin describes how the principles of Agile Software Development lead to rich and robust architectures, high degrees of discipline, due consideration of design and architecture, and all appropriate levels of documentation.

SOLID Principles - Five Principles of Object-Oriented Programming and Design

This is the first of what will be a series of posts on each of The SOLID Principles. Before we go into details lets look at an overview of the principles. Every software developer should be aware of the acronym “SOLID” and what it stands for. If you have not then you really should read this blog to learn it. Even if you do, there‚Äôs a good chance your understanding might be a bit fuzzy and a refresher on it never hurt anyone.