Passwords Don't Work! Using Two Factor Authentication To Secure Users

The Internet is a dangerous place and user passwords aren't safe. Enter Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to the rescue!

Video Monday | How NOT to Store Passwords

How NOT to Store Passwords! - Computerphile In light of several recent rather well known website hacks I thought it might be worth sharing this video about how how to NOT store passwords in your systems. This is a pretty good video that breaks down some of the issues around how passwords are stored to prevent outsiders from getting them.

This Website is Secure and WWW Free

Good afternoon everyone, I wanted to bring up two technical issues about website hosting that I think are important. Yes I know blogging about blogging is a bit lame but I believe in these issues and wanted to share it with everyone. Privacy And Security In this day and age privacy and security are more important than ever! Both private companies and government agencies are routinely tracking your Internet activity.


A library that provides support for the creation of One Time Passwords.