Video Monday | AT&T Archives: The UNIX Operating System

It’s time for another Video Monday. Today’s video is a bit of a throwback to an earlier time. It’s a video called “The UNIX Operating System” from the AT&T Archives. In the late 1960s two men, Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson, who where computer scientists working at Bell Laboratories created a new computer operating system that would be called UNIX. While the original OS isn’t in much use today the ideas about how the OS were created has inspired many different OSes that are considered the core of the computing world today.

A little bit of computer BBS history

I just found one heck of a cool site. It’s called TextFiles.Com. Basically this guy has compiled text files from the old BBS days. Of course this was all before my time. Still, I like to think I’m an old school geek and I find these times facinating and wish I had been around to partake in it all. BBS stands for Bulletin Board System. Back in the days before the Internet and Web people would connect to these systems and hang out.

Immortalized for the ages

Hey it’s a geek thing ok. Non-geek types might as well leave right now! I run the FreeBSD 4.9 operating system within VMWare on my windows XP system. Basically VMWare is an emulator that lets you run other operating systems inside windows at the same time. It’s pretty neat software. Anyways, time drift is a major problem with VMWare so they include tools to synchronize the clocks. Of course manually installing this software is a bit of a pain to do.